Dawei, April (22)

The junta military column arrested nearly 20 locals from Seik Chaung and Nyaung Chaung villages in Taninthrayi Region’s Dawei to be used as human shields, sources from eastern Dawei PDF told Than Lwin Times.

On April 20, a column of more than 200 junta troops that came from Dawei to Metta Town to exchange duties arrested nearly 20 local residents from the villages along the road as they marched as human shields.

Those arrested as human shields are reportedly local residents of Seik Chaung and Nyaung Chaung villages.

An eastern Dawei PDF said that they had planned to ambush the junta column that had come to exchange duties, but had to retreat after seeing the local people being taken as human shields.

Those arrested as human shields are Karen ethnic, including men, women, and children, and they have not been released until now.

The same junta column detained 10 Pakarri villagers from Dawei in the morning of April 19 and later released them after questioning them.

After the military coup, there were frequent clashes between regime troops and the revolutionary forces in Dawei Township, and the junta fired heavy weapons into villages, arresting residents as porters and human shields.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Social Media (File Photo)

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