Mawlmyine, April (23)

Some townships in Mon State have seen water scarcity along with extreme temperatures following Thingyan, the social rescue team and residents told Than Lwin Times.

Some neighborhoods and villages in Mawlamyine, Chaungson, Paung, Kyaikmaraw, Mudon, and Thanbyuzayat towns are suffering from the problem of water scarcity.

People in these townships can no longer access water for drinking and other purposes because the groundwater levels are low and the wells and ponds have completely dried up.

In addition, he added, if the temperature continues to rise, the wells and lakes might dry up, and the remaining towns and villages might soon suffer more water shortages.

A resident of Mawlamyine said, “Every year we have experienced water shortages, but the situation is getting worse this year. Because all the wells have dried up, it is difficult to access water for drinking and general purposes. There has been no water in the wells since March before Thingyan”.

Furthermore, locals stated that even if they purchase water from private water suppliers on days when there are no water donors, the cost of transportation is higher than before because of the increase in gasoline prices.

Local residents may face water shortages until the rainy season, and they are in dire need of drinking water at this time of extreme temperatures and are relying mainly on donors for water.

Under the previous administration, if there was a water shortage in the wards and villages, the relevant departments used to donate water, but the local residents said that such assistance no longer existed under the military regime.

Mon State suffered the worst water shortage in 2018 and 2019, and in the rest of the years, there were only occasional water shortages, and now it is facing the problem of rising temperatures and water scarcity again.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Bo Bo Win

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