Kawthoolei, May (2)

On April 27, KNU Brigade 5 called for KNU’s central executive committee to investigate some leaders of the KNU related to illegal gambling operations and other criminal activities, and to identify and take action against those responsible.

It is also mentioned in the recommendation that the KNU Congress should be held only after the KNU’s central committee investigates the involvement of some KNU leaders in the Chinese new city projects that are operating illegal gambling, and takes action against all those involved in these projects.

Additionally, relevant officials should meet face-to-face to discuss the current issues in a secure environment, and if the central committee does not resolve the issue, Brigade 5 will continue to act according to their stance, the statement said.

After the KNU Brigade 5’s request came out, a statement from the KNU’ central committee stating that five individuals, including the KNU Defense Minister, who are involved in illegal activities beyond the organization’s rules, will be investigated and taken action in accordance with the Kawthoolei Law, surfaced on social media.

Than Lwin Times contacted KNU central officials to comment on these statements, but there has been no response so far.

An official from the KNU Brigade 5 confirmed to Than Lwin Times that it was correct to ask the KNU central committee to take action against those involved in illegal matters, but did not reveal the details.

On February 26, the KNU’s central executive committee announced that the KNU is not involved in Chinese new city projects where illegal gambling businesses operate, and does not allow any other illegal gambling, financial services, or criminal activities to operate in Karen State.

The KNU has said that its members are prohibited from participating in any activity that would involve or support crime-related business activities.

The KNU Congress, which started on April 24, continued on May 1, and an official from the 5th Brigade said that there were some issues in the voting process in the last few days.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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