Mawlamyine, May (2)

With the increasing demand for black gram from India, there are not enough beans left in Mon State, and the price of beans in the market has risen again, the suppliers told Than Lwin Times.

India, which is experiencing unfavorable weather conditions this year, has low bean production and mainly imports black gram from Myanmar.

In the first week of January, the price of black gram was only around 53,000 kyats per basket (20 viss), but now the price has risen to around 70,000 kyats per basket due to the increase in demand from India.

A bean trader said, “The domestic bean supply is low, and the remaining beans may soon run out because of India’s huge demand for beans. Regional instability in Sagaing and Magway, which account for a large percentage of the country’s bean acreage, has reduced yields”.
More than 280,000 tons of black gram were exported between March and April due to the increasing demand for Myanmar’s black gram from many nations, including India.

A bean farmer said that although the black gram fetches good prices, there is no profit left for them.

In addition, farmers are not getting as much profit as expected due to the high cost of fertilizers, fuel, labor and general expenses during bean season.

In the bean market, due to the increase in demand from abroad, the price may continue to rise, and if this situation continues, the beans may run out earlier than the previous year, according to bean suppliers.

Myanmar’s black gram is primarily purchased by India, while Nepal and Pakistan also import them.

News-Than Lwin Times


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