Tanintharyi, May (3)

The members of military council have been collecting huge amounts of money from the travelers along Pyidaugnsu Road between Ma Hlwe Taung gate in Yebyu and Myeik of Taningtharyi Region, the drivers told Than Lwin Times.

At least 20 checkpoints were dotted along the Pyidaungsu Road after the military takeover, and in 2023, as the battle intensified, they were increased to approximately 30 checkpoints for security reasons.

The military council’s checkpoints, which were set up for security reasons, charge from 5,000 kyats to 20,000 kyats per vehicle, depending on the amount of goods being loaded.

In addition, a driver said that if the regime forces did not get the amount they asked for, they would inspect the goods in detail, take the goods, not allow them to leave, and if there was a dispute, they would be beaten.

Some drivers have stopped transportation because they have no profit left due to the exorbitant demands of junta forces.

On the other hand, the price of commodities in the region is believed to have nearly tripled due to the excessive increase in fuel prices, the difficulty of transportation amid fighting, and the high charges at checkpoints.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Dawei Watch

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