Mawlamyine, May (3)

Chickens and pigs in sheds have died in Mon State because of ongoing extreme heat, the breeders told Than Lwin Times.

Poultry chickens and pigs suffer from brain damage or die from heat stroke, and insufficient water and medicine also lead to their deaths.

A livestock farmer said that the mortality rate of farmed chickens and pigs depends on the severity of the temperature, which occurs in laying or meat-producing chickens.

According to current reports, farmers are losing between 5% and 10% of their pigs and chickens due to excessive temperatures.

According to a livestock farmer, cooling fans are used in addition to medications to avoid the death of pigs and poultry due to high temperatures, which has increased overall costs.

The livestock industry suffered losses during the military takeover as a result of the more than two-fold increase in the cost of chicken feed and medicine, as well as expensive transportation and other costs.

Additionally, about 80% of livestock production has ceased due to the market’s lack of price stability, the importation of illegal frozen meat from other nations, the general crisis brought on by fewer consumers, and other factors, the livestock farmer said.

As a result, skilled livestock workers become unemployed, and some go to other countries to earn a living.

The primary industries in Mon State include the farming of chicken, duck, pigs, and fish, while goats, cows, and quail are raised on a small scale.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – CJ

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