Mon State Federal Council starts its activities in ten sectors


Mawlamyine, May (3)

The Mon State Federal Council (MSFC), a revolutionary anti-regime organization, has begun to function in ten sectors under the Legislative, Judicial, and Administrative Committee, a council member, Nai Htaw Yaw, told Than Lwin Times.

The 10 sectors include defense and justice, home affairs, health, education, humanitarian assistance, land resources, news and information, women’s and children’s affairs, external relations, finance and taxation.

“Among them, regarding the defense and judicial sectors, there is difficulty in implementing it because the revolutionary strength is not yet strong in Mon State. MSFC will gradually implement these sections,” said Nai Htaw Yaw.

He added that among the 10 sectors, some are in the state of grouping, but it is difficult to implement them, and the forces opposing the military dictatorship in Mon State are invited to join the Mon State Federal Council.

Political organizations, civil society organizations, women’s organizations, the Mon diaspora, and other ethnic groups within the state are all represented on the Mon State Federal Council.

At the first conference of the MSFC held on January 22, the three pillars of power, namely legislative, judicial, and executive, were established to be exercised during the interim and revolution periods.

The Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MSICC), which was established after the military takeover, was restructured as the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) on January 15 due to the need for a state federal unit organization amid the current political situation.

Three members of the Mon State Federal Council (MSFC) are ministers in the National Unity Government (NUG), and the other three are members of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC).

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: MSFC


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