Yangon, May (5)

The National Unity Government (NUG) reported on May 3 that it has killed up to 30,000 junta troops and injured more than 10,000 within two years of its establishment.

The NUG made this statement in the report “Reporting to the public on the 2nd anniversary of the formation of the National Unity Government”.

According to NUG, more than 300 PDF battalions and regiments, as well as community-based People’s Defense Forces, have been systematically set up in more than 250 townships across the country.

More than 13,000 soldiers and policemen who did not accept the coup joined the people’s embrace during the revolution period, said the NUG.

In addition, the NUG has formed the Central Command and Coordination Committee (C3C) and the Joint Command and Coordination (J2C) together with the allied ethnic revolutionary groups.

The chain of command is being built according to operational areas under a systematic control and command within two years of the establishment of the NUG, through the cooperation of allied ethnic revolutionary organizations (EROs), said the NUG.

The people’s defensive war, which began with a defensive strategy, has now fully entered the pre-counteroffensive period, and efforts are being made to set up strategic military equipment in order to proceed to the final stage of the counteroffensive period, according to NUG.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media

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