Hpapun, May (6)

The KNLA Brigade 5 reported on May 5 that it raided a camp of the junta-aligned Border Guard Force (BGF) and confiscated weapons and ammunition.

On May 2 at 1:30 p.m., KNLA Brigade 5 attacked the Nikan camp in BGF area 3, which was in charge of security for the delivery of ammunition and food to the military council troops on the front line.

Six people, including one company commander, one deputy company commander, and one sergeant on the BFG side, were killed in the raid, according to the statement.

Moreover, eight heavy and light arms, ammunition boxes, bullets, and two walkie-talkies were seized from the BGF.

Two comrades from KNLA Brigade 5 were killed and five others were injured, according to the Brigade 5 citing record office.

On April 24, the joint force of KNLA Brigade 5 and Brigade 2 attacked the Mae Si Htar junta checkpoint near the town of Kama Maung, Hpapun District, between the territory of the 5th and 1st Brigades.

The KNLA burned down the whole junta camp, with the junta troops suffering losses, and confiscating weapons and ammunition.
News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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