Kawkayeik, May (7)

An artillery shell landed in a brick-kiln site near the entrance of Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township and exploded on May 6, killing one civilian and injuring six others, the residents confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

Yesterday morning, gunshots were heard in the east of Kawkayeik, and a mortar shell fell into a brick-kiln site and exploded, hitting civilians.

The explosion killed Ko Zeya Naing, 38, of Zathapyin village in Hpa-an Township, and injured one woman and five men.

It is reported that the five injured civilians were workers at the brick-kiln in Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township from Ayeyarwaddy Region.
The social rescue team that sent the injured to Hpa-an Township Public Hospital.

Following the military coup, heavy weapons often fell into the neighborhoods and villages where the people lived in Kawkayeik Township and exploded, killing or injuring civilians.

News-Than Lwin Times


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