Pakokku, 9 May

Local people’s defence organization in Myaing Township carried out landmine attacks on junta forces in Pakokku and Pauk townships in Magway region, killing seven soldiers and at least 15 injured, according to local PDO.

On 7 May, the military convoy was attacked by land mine as it passed through Kantaw village in Pakokku, and a car ignited in the incident.
On the same day, the joint troops of soldiers and its militia members Pyusawhtee were under the attack of local guerilla forces near Ohn Taw village in Pauk Township.

“While soldiers and their Pyusawhtee members, about 40 forces in total, were patrolling near Ohn Taw village in Pauk Township, we conducted attacks with 16 landmines,” said Captain Letyar from No. 1 People’s Defence Organization in Myaing Township, which took part in the attack.

They also fought against the military troops who were taking position for ambush after their reinforcement .

It was reportedly known that three soldiers were killed and six seriously injured in the attacks.

People’s Defenc Organization carried out drone attacks on junta troops around 10 am on 8 May with 40 grenades and 20 incendiary bombs, killing one soldiers and one injured.

News—Than Lwin Times


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