Nyaunglaybin, May (13)

At least 19 civilians were burned to death in Nyaung Pin Thar village in KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District, according to the Free Burma Rangers and the Karen Human Rights Group.

On May 10, three junta columns stormed Nyaung Pin Thar village in Nyaunglaybin District under KNU Brigade 3, and burned and massacred residents.

The Free Burma Rangers reported on May 12 that 17 civilians, including seven children under the age of 10, were burned and killed by regime forces.

“19 locals were massacred by the junta army in Nyaunlaybin village, and the number of fatalities could be more than 19 because evidence of killings was also found in the surrounding area,” Saw Nanda Suu of the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) said.

He added, “The military tortures, arrests, and kills the civilians and burns the villages. This constitutes a war crime and amounts to a serious violation of human rights”.

The junta forces beheaded and burned 18 people, including five children, after the combined force of KNU and PDF attacked the junta troops on May 10 in Nyaungpinthar village between Kyaukgyi and Htantabin Townships in Bago Region, according to a report of the Htatabin PDF in Taungoo District on May 12.

On May 10, a fierce battle broke out between the KNU/PDF forces and the regime troops in the north of Nyaungpinthar village in Htantabin Township, and the junta army suffered losses, so they burned and killed the villagers in retaliation.

The KNU Brigade 3’s areas in Nyaunglaybin District have been invaded by junta forces who are violating human rights by arresting, killing, torturing, and using civilians as human shields with artillery fire and airstrikes, according to the KHRG.

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