Kantbalu, 12 May

Pazigyi village in Kantbalu Township of Sagaing region was laid in ruins after the Myanmar
military’s airstrike on 11 April.

Until one month of this incident, the villagers dare not return to their village, the locals said to
Than Lwin Times.

Although the military columns were stationed at the nearby village after the attack, they left this
area on 30 April.

However, the locals from Pazigyi and Chaungthar villagers are still taking shelters outside their
villages, and relying on humanitarian assistance of civil society organizations, people defence
forces and the National Unity Government.

“Some of our family members were lost. Many houses were burnt down, and that some people
have no house in more. It is a great suffer for them,” said the locals to Than Lwin Times.

Locals in Pazigyi village are still suffering trauma from the airstrike, and they were crying when
the donors came to them.

The military’s airstrike on 11 April killed 170 locals in Pazigyi village, and junta troops also set
fire to three villages nearby this area. An estimated number of damages on 20 April were 74
houses in Laytwinsin, 54 houses in Chaungthar village and around 100 houses in Pazigyi village
where the exact number remains unknown as the locals has not returned home yet.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported on 9 May that the military used high explosive
thermobaric or ‘vacuum bomb’ in attacking Pazigyi village.

The National Unity Government released a statement that Myanmar junta carried out over 650
airstrikes in the past two years after the coup, killing over 280 civilians and injuring 370 civilians.

News—Than Lwin Times
Photo— Pazigyi village after military’s airstrike

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