Mae Sot, May (23)

Pita Limjaroenrat, the leader of the Thai prime ministerial candidate who won the election, declared on May 21 that he will focus on the protection of human life and coordinate with all key stakeholders on the Myanmar issue.

He wrote on his Twitter account that the policy based on the security of human life includes aspects of humanitarian aid and economic and life security development.

This policy will be implemented with the view of bringing mutual peace and prosperity to both Thailand-Myanmar, ASEAN, and the international community, he said.

In his new foreign policy, Peter Limjaroenrat has asked the Thai government and the international community to give first priority to the cyclone-affected Myanmar people who need life-saving aid.

A former political prisoner, democracy activist, Daw Khin Nyein Thit, said, “If the group led by the Move Forward Party becomes the government, there may be political pressure on the Myanmar military regime, and it may make it convenient for those taking refuge in Thailand, but we cannot expect much for Myanmar’s affairs. Only after countries prioritize their own interests, do they think about how to deal with other countries and who to support”.

Peter Limjaroenrat said at a press conference held on May 15 after the Thai election that he would help develop demilitarized zones for humanitarian aid regarding the Myanmar issue.

In addition, he said that he will cooperate with the international community to pressure the implementation of ASEAN’s Five-Point Consensus and allow the Myanmar people to solve the political crisis on their own.

Thailand has a military-dominated regime that has had several military coups in a decade, and the successive authorities have had no interest in Myanmar’s affairs except for their own interests.

The move forward party leader, who won the recent Thai election, has a strong focus on Myanmar’s affairs and foreign policies compared to the current Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayuth.

U Aung Kyaw, the chairman of the Migrant Workers’ Rights Network in Thailand, stated that it is difficult for Mr. Peter to become prime minister at the time, and that if he does, he will deal with Myanmar’s internal affairs in a neighborly manner.

The leader of the Move Forward party, Peter Limjaroenrat, is ready to serve as the Prime Minister of Thailand and is negotiating with seven other political parties to form a coalition government. The party has 313 seats in the Thai House of Representatives.

As the Thai House of Representatives has 500 representatives, 376 representatives need to vote in favor in order to form a government, according to the Thai constitution.

Following the military coup in Myanmar, some democracy activists, CDM staff, and activists who participated in the opposition to the military dictatorship have fled the violent crackdown by the junta army and taken refuge in neighboring Thailand.

In this situation, the Thai authorities under the administration of Prayut, who supports the military council, have been searching and arresting Myanmar activists who have sought asylum in Thailand, therefore the people of Myanmar are anticipating the Move Forward Party to take power.

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