Hpapun, May (25)

A camp of the Karen Border Guard Force (BGF), which was extorting money from the local people in KNU’s Hpapun District was attacked, killing five members, including the company commander, reported Brigade 5.

On May 20, at 3:30 p.m., the combined force of the 102nd Battalion and Division under KNU Brigade 5 raided the junta-affiliated BGF camp, which was stationed between Kateti and Hteekasaw areas in Hpapun District.

According to a statement made by the 5th Brigade, that attack resulted in the deaths of five troops, including one company commander from the BGF, and the burning down of one BGF-owned vehicle.

 Meanwhile, on May 19, at 10:40 a.m., BGF troops fired heavy weapons into Pho Ge Htar village of Brigade 5 area of Hpapun District, injuring a 21-year-old man and damaging two houses, according to the statement.

The 5th Brigade announced that the junta and its aligned force, the BGF, stationed in the KNU’s Hpapun District are stealing the property of the people every day and killing innocent people.

The KNLA Brigade 5 and junta troops engaged in 63 clashes in KNU Phapon District from May 1 to 15, resulting in 26 deaths and 10 injuries, including the company commander and deputy company commander, as well as two deaths and six injuries from the KNLA Brigade.

News-Than Lwin Times


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