Sedoktara, 27 May

Junta soldiers stole property of locals and tortured them in villages of Sedoktara Township, Magway region.

Locals said to Than Lwin Times that soldiers committed the crimes in the villages along Salin-Sedoktara road since 23 May.

 “Soldiers arrested locals in the villages, placed under the scorching sun and beat people including two-three years old children. They took two young men, and stole valuable property such as goldwares, money and mobile phones.

 With the reason that PDFs are stationed in these villages, the soldiers under Brigade 88 and local military forces raided the villages.

 The raids happened after two soldiers were killed in the ambushes of No (1) Battalion of Minbu district and People’s Defence Force in Salin Township on 23 May.

On the same day, armed clashes occurred at three places in Sedoktara Township, and many soldiers were reportedly injured in the conflicts.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo– Google

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