Mu, June (2)

The junta troops arrested and killed a civilian from Mayan Sein Lay village in Mu Township under Brigade 3 of KNU’s Khele Lwihtu District, reported KNU on June 1.

On May 29, the regime forces arrested 31-year-old Saw Bo Nay Htoo from Mayan Sein Lay village with blindfold on his way to the field.

After that, the junta army beat and tortured Saw Bo Nay Htoo and killed him on May 30, the statement said.

On May 30, a military council based in Seik Gyi launched three mortar shells with a drone, destroying a pagoda in Ywar Gyi Inn village.

According to the statement, on the same day, junta troops arrested pedestrians at the Nat Than Gwin-Yedwingon crossroads and took them for electrical poles repair.

At least 500 civilians were killed in the KNU territory during the military coup, according to the statements of Karen organizations.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KHRG

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