Kyaikto, June (2)

Six family members were hit and injured when junta artillery fired heavy weapons into the Hle Lan Ku village in Mon State’s Kyaikto Township, locals and revolutionists told Than Lwin Times.

The No. 602 artillery unit under the 44th Division of the military council launched an artillery shell into Hle Lan Ku village at around 12:00 noon on May 31.

The junta artillery shell landed on U Saw Tun’s house in Hle Lan Ku village and exploded.

U Saw Tun, Daw Win Sanda Myint, Ko Tun Tun Lin, and the children Maung Thein Pike Soe San, Maung Myint Myat Lin and Ma Yun Yati Tun received shrapnel injuries on their heads, arms, and legs.

The family members of those injured by heavy weapons have been transported to Kyaikto Hospital by a local rescue team.

After the coup, at least 20 local civilians were killed and nearly 60 were injured by junta artillery shelling in Kyaikto Township, according to the KNU statement.

News-Than Lwin Times


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