Mobye, June (6)

The junta forces have been preparing to control Mobye town on the border of Southern Shan State and Kayah State, where the conflict is raging, said the resistance forces on the ground.

Since early June, the regime troops have been attempting to launch an offensive in three columns to station at the strategically important Mobye town, while another military column is on standby outside the town.

On the other hand, Infantry Battalion 422, based in Mobye, had fired heavy weapons at neighborhoods in Mobye every day, with the junta firing at least 30 rounds of motor shells on June 4.

Ko Hanri of the Buffalo Horn Division of the Mobye People’s Defense Forces said the junta’s military preparation was an attempt to control Mobye town and cut off the supply routes for the People’s Defense Forces.

Furthermore, regime troops assume that there are members of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) in Mobye town, and the daily bombing and artillery attacks on the town have resulted in injuries and deaths.

Even though they are being attacked by the junta troops, the local residents of Mobye say that they have no place to run to, so they continue to live in their homes.

The junta has been carrying out daily airstrikes on the eastern side of Demoso and Mobye on the Shan-Kayah state border, and has carried out more than 100 attacks in May alone.

Heavy fighting is still going on in the eastern parts of Demoso and Mobye, and the regime forces have recaptured some territories in Demoso, according to local sources.

News-Than Lwin Times

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