Hteelin, 8 June

Military used jet fighter in two airstrikes over Swelei village of Hteelin township in Magaway region on 7 June.

Locals said to Than Lwin Times that some damages occurred in the attacks.

 “People’s defence forces are being stationed there. There might be some damages. We have no contact with them until now. After the air raids, the military’s reconnaissance aircraft is now flying,” said a local.

The jet fighter in this attack landed off Tada-U airport in Monywa, and it dropped four bombs in two attacks around 3 pm.

The military carried out at least 10 air strikes over Hteelin Township in 2023.

On 20 April, People’s Administration Office in Launbolay village was under airstrike, killing three staff members and 12 injured, among them  four seriously wounded.

The Nyan Linn Thit Analytica reported that the military conducted 1,427 airstrikes, killing 634 civilians, after the military coup in 2021.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—CJ (Office of People’s Administration Office in Hteelin Township after bombardment – File Photo)

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