Loikaw, June (13)

The military council’s four-cut strategy has led to an increase in the mortality rate of pregnant women and babies in Kayah State’s displaced people camps and rural areas, according to local women’s organizations.

Pregnant women in refugee camps frequently give birth prematurely, and the babies die; in some cases, both the newborns and the mothers die during childbirth amid the military council’s four-cut strategy.

According to surveys by the Kayan Women’s Organization (KyWO), there were at least five cases of miscarriage and death of both mother and child in Kayah State from the early months to April 2023.

Pregnant women and children have seen the most deaths due to the military council’s four-cut strategy and the problems of inadequate medicine. Lack of access to health care increases women’s mortality and miscarriage rates,” Christine, a member of the central executive of the Kayan Women’s Organization (KyWo), told Than Lwin Times.

Some pregnant women died soon after giving birth as a result of the junta artillery fire and airstrikes, and in some cases, children were born with malformations and stillbirths, the statement said.

Pregnant women are said to be anxious and emotionally impacted by large explosions from heavy weaponry and aerial bombings, and the children in their wombs are dead.

The military regime is carrying out aerial bombings on hospitals, dispensaries, and schools in Kayah State, so the people are facing the worst situation in terms of access to health care and education.

In recent months, the military council carried out airstrikes on two clinics and the Dawtamagyi hospital, resulting in casualties or deaths.

On April 25, the junta airstrike on the Saung Phwe district hospital in Pekon Township hit the maternity ward, killing the mother of a three-month-old baby.

Because most of the males in Kayah state, which often sees terrorism and breaches of human rights committed by the junta army, take up guns and engage in combat against the military council, women are left to handle matters related to their own health, food, and security.

News-Than Lwin Times


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