Tanaing, June (14)

The military council, which has a declining ability to organize in the military and administration, announced on June 12 that two comrades of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in Kachin State had surrendered to them with their weapons and ammunition.

The two surrendered KIA soldiers were handed over to their parents in a ceremony at the area battalion hall in Myitkyina, said the junta.

According to the military council, two members of the KIA in Tanaing Township handed over two KA-25 guns, two gun magazines, 50 rounds of ammunition, and two grenades to the officials. And the military council had awarded 106 lakhs to both of them.

Colonel Naw Bu, the information official of the Kachin Independency Army (KIO/KIA) told Than Lwin Times that their comrades did not surrender to the military council with weapons and ammunition, and that this news is just propaganda.

The Kachin Independence Army (KIO/KIA) is a major armed group among ethnic armed forces that is actively fighting to end the military regime.

The military council has faced the resistance of the Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs), People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), and CDMers since coup, and has lost hundreds of troops on the frontlines.

In this situation, the military council announced on May 9 that it would offer a minimum reward of 200,000 kyats to a maximum of 750,000 kyats if the PDFs surrendered along with the ammunition.

In addition, if the person who surrenders the weapon along with the ammunition has committed crimes such as murder, rape, or harming others, he must face the case in court according to the law.

Political analysts point out that the military council’s decision to convince the PDF to surrender themselves with weapons is an attempt to use psychological warfare among the revolutionary forces.

Military lobbyists said on Telegram channels that as of June 5 this year, a total of more than 530 male and female PDF members had surrendered to the military council.

The officials of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) said that most of those who surrendered to the military regime were not members of their resistance forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: MOI

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