Myawaddy, June (14)

After Thailand cut off power to Shwe Kokko, a new town in Karen State, near the Thailand-Myanmar border, local sources reported that Chinese residents and wealthy businesses are buying and utilizing more generators.

Thailand has ceased providing power to Shwe Kokko new town in Myawaddy Township, which is infamous for its illegal gambling and is completely controlled by the Border Guard Force (BGF), beginning at 12:00 p.m. on June 5.

While Shwe Kokko relies mainly on electricity distributed by Thailand, the military council forced the Thai authorities to stop power supply to two casinos near Mae Htaw Thalay in Mywaddy, including Shwe Kokko.

As a result, power went out in the neighborhoods where Chinese people live in Shwe Kokko new city, and the Thai power line connected to Myawati-Kyuk Phyar was available, said a resident of Shwe Kokko.

The Chinese and the wealthy in the new town of Shwe Kokko were able to purchase and use generators, but small businesses, local villagers, and those who could not afford to buy generators face more problems of power outages, said the sources.

Sources from Shwe Kokko have said that there have been power outages in the new city of Shwe Kokko for about one week, and BGF authorities are negotiating with Thai authorities to restore electricity.

New power lines, on the other hand, are replaced in Shwe Kokko. This indicates that the new city will use local electricity, or that it will establish a large-scale generator and distribute electric power.

News-Than Lwin Times


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