Yangon, June (14)

The military council’s Anti-Terrorism Central Committee announced that the apartments and dormitories where People’s Defense Force PDFs are allowed to stay without proper identification will be confiscated as state assets.

Dormitory and apartment owners must collect the renters’ personal information and complete documents, and provide these information to the relevant district or village administrators.

The military council, on the other hand, claims that some apartment owners are not obeying the guidelines and are allowing some PDF members to stay, encouraging them to conduct terrorism.

According to reports of explosions and murders, the perpetrators live in rented apartments and dormitories, so they cannot be traced easily.

According to a member of the guerrilla force in Yangon, the military council’s remark posed a threat to the densely populated Yangon population.

Since the military coup in major cities such as Yangon, urban guerrilla forces have conducted a series of attacks on the Military Council’s military, administrative, and military targets.

In this situation, new people who will be renting hostels in areas such as Hlaing Thayar, Shwe Pyi Thar, and the crowded Hledan, where the majority of migrant workers live, have to register their full personal information with the ward administrator once a month, according to the hostel managers.

In Mandalay and some states, urban guerrilla forces have targeted military council-related departmental staff, district administrators, informers, and military supporters.

On June 4, the two men who are accused of having shot and killed singer Lily Naing Kyaw, a nationalist activist who supported the military, were arrested in a dormitory in Kamayut Township, according to the military council.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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