Tanintharyi, June (14)

The regime troops returning from an exchange of troops were ambushed Near Kywe Htein Village, Tanintharyi Township, killing one and injuring six others, a member of Non-aligned guerilla force told Than Lwin Times.

The junta troops from Infantry Battalion 101 returning from Theinnaw village were hit by landmines while retreating after being ambushed by allied resistance forces.

Two clashes took place in one day, and the military council fired at least 20 rounds of artillery into the neighborhood, said the information official of Non-aligned Guerilla Force.

After the battle, the junta troops carried the wounded and the dead and went into Infantry Battalion 561 based in Nyaung Pin Kwin, and did not leave until the evening of June 13, according to the resistance forces.

The attack was carried out by combined force of the Non-aligned Guerrilla Force, Tanintharyi PDF, Southern Warriors Defense Force (SWDF) and Myeik District Battalion 2.

In Tanintharyi, there were 35 clashes between the junta army and the revolutionary forces, and 14 landmine attacks in May.

However, when the revolutionary forces began to launch the offensive, the military council shifted to the defensive in Tanintharyi in more than two years after the coup, according to a local research report.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Non-aligned Guerrilla Force

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