Thayet Chaung, June (17)

More than 10,000 displaced people are in urgent need of food supplies due to the military council’s invasion and arson attacks on the villages in Thanintharyi Region’s Thayet Chaung Township, locals told Than Lwin Times.

Since June 9, the 100-strong military column has been invading one village after another in Thayet Chuang township, continuously firing heavy weapons into the villages.

More than 10,000 residents of more than 10 villages, including Kywe Min Gon, Kanet Thiri, Yange, Winwa, Theingon, Kamyaing, and Weyit, have been forced to flee their homes for more than a week due to the military council’s invasion.

At present, the people have almost run out of the food they brought and are having trouble returning home as the regime troops are still stationed in the villages, a displaced person said.

On June 11, the junta army shot and killed 23-year-old Ko Wayan Hein, a villager from Yange, who was returning to get medicine for his mother.

At least 10 local homes were destroyed as the regime troops entered and burned villages in Thayet Chaung Township.

The Daung Min resistance group announced on June 12, that they raided and burned down a joint outpost of the military council and the militia group, which is two miles away from Thayet Chaung Township.

News – Than Lwin Times

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