Mobye, June (18)

Fighting is heating up in Mobye town, located in southern Shan State and Kayah State, as a result of the invasion of regime troops, and residents have begun to flee, locals told Than Lwin Times.

Since the last week of May, massive junta forces have been launching offensives in Mobye, the stronghold of opposition forces.

Therefore, the residents of Mobye, who are still in the town without going anywhere, are forced to leave the town because the fighting has intensified in recent days.

The military council troops are constantly firing heavy weapons and blocking the entrance and exit of the town on the pretext that PDFs are hiding in the town, but over 30,000 local residents have fled the city at their own risk, a source said.

It is reported that only a small number of IDPs have arrived at the camps in Kayah State, with the majority fleeing to Shan State.

The military council is conducting intensive operations to control the Kayah state near Nay Pyi Taw and the Mobye-Loikaw road to supply food to their ground forces.

At least 20 civilians have been killed and some are missing due to the artillery shelling of the junta army and the killing of the ground troops in two weeks of battle.

More than 250,000 people have fled to safety in Kayah State, home to more than 300,000 people, as a result of the brutal action of the military council, according to the Progressive Karenni People Force (PKPF).

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Committee for Displaced People-Mobye

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