Belin, June (20)

The explosion at land planning office in Aung San Myo Thit of Taung Zun village in Mon State’s Belin Township damaged almost the entire building, locals confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

The temporary land planning office, which is frequently visited by regime troops and departmental officials, was detonated in the afternoon of June 18.

Almost the entire office building was destroyed by the explosion, but no one was injured, a local said.

That office is used by the regime troops, the staff from the department of land records and statistics, and village administrators when land revenue is paid in installments by buyers in the Aung San new ward of Taung Zun village.

According to a local PDF member, they planned to detonate the land planning office with five mines, however, two of the mines in front of the office accidently exploded, and the remaining three mines were destroyed by the junta forces when the office building collapsed.

The resistance force said that two policemen were seriously injured in the explosion of the office, but Than Lwin Times could not independently confirm it.

After the explosion, the regime troops stopped and checked pedestrians on the Taung Zun-Belin highway and the Taungzun-Kyaikto road.

On April 26, the office building of the revenue department next to the Belin-Taung Zun highway was destroyed by a detonation of an explosive device.

News-Than Lwin Times


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