Kawkayeik, June (27)

At least 10 houses were destroyed after junta shelling hit Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township, where martial law has been declared, reported the White Tiger column.

A junta battalion that is based in Kawkayeik launched an artillery shell into Kyaung Shar Kon village in northern Kawkayeik on June 22, leaving two houses destroyed.

Meanwhile, nearly 10 houses in Taung Kyar village in southern Kawkayeik were also damaged by deliberate shelling on June 9, according to the report.

According to a spokesperson for the White Tiger column, regime soldiers fire heavy weapons into communities every day when there are no battles.

The residents of Kawkayeik are living in fear as there are casualties or injuries as a result of junta artillery firing.  

In May, junta troops fired more than 100 rounds of artillery shells into the area of KNU Brigade 6, Dooplaya District, killing one child and injuring another, and destroying nearly 30 houses, according to KNU.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: White Tiger Column

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