Mawlamyine, 27 June

Revolutionary must be continued until to the victory of resistance forces and defeat of the military, said Nai Kao Rot , the Deputy Minister for Ministry of Defence under the National Unity Government.

He said in the message to the 2nd anniversary of People’s Defence Organization under the command of MoD that success of revolution is the destination of people, and the future federal union will be built with the enormous sacrifices.

The message also said that the revolution will not deviate from its track and will lead to its success.

The deputy minister also said that the Spring Revolution will surely end the military dictatorship as the new generations of the country should liberate from the authoritarianism, adding that the revolution is reinforced with the strength of all people. He also urged the resistance fighters to make ultimate efforts for the victory, to communicate with people warmly and friendly and to reserve unity and have mutual respects among comrades and alliances.

As the Spring Revolution entered second year, the military has lost their controlled area to the revolutionary forces, and many soldiers have defected to the resistance forces.

News—Than Lwin Times


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