Kyauk Takar, June (29)

The recent shelling of regime troops in Bago Region’s Kyauk Takar Township killed five civilians and injured four others, said the locals.

On June 27, around 10 p.m., the regime troops stationed at Kyauk Takar Township in Nyaunlaybin District deliberately fired heavy weapons into Sin Oh Hla and Bawdhi Kwin villages.

As No. 301 junta artillery fired 14 rounds of 120 mm mortar shells, two residents from Bawdhi Kwin and Sin Oh Hla villages were killed and four villagers from Thingan Chaung village were wounded.

The residents from 13 villages have fled their homes due to the unprovoked firing of the military council.

Meanwhile, the junta shelling on June 25 killed two women and a four-year-old child from Ngaphe Inn village, damaging some houses, reported Kyauk Takar PDF.

Every single day, regime forces deliberately fire heavy weapons into the villagers of Kyauk Takar Township, Nyaunglaybin District.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-KNLA/PDF Kyaukkyi

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