Myaing, 1 July

Local resistance forces conducted landmine attacks on the convoys of military and its militia Pyusawhtee members in Myaing township, Magway region, on 27 and 28 June, killing at least nine, according to the report of local people defence group.

A spokesperson of Myaing PDF said the attacks occurred between Pakkoku and Kamma townships on 27 June, leaving one dead and six injured.

In the following day, another landmine attack was conducted to a vehicle of military departed from Pakkoku township between two camps of Pyusawhtee between Twinma and Thayetkan, on 28 June, killing seven military members and many injured, with devastation of Myaing-Kamma road section and damage of the vehicle.

Local PDFs have warned the public not to use this road section, and the road will be repaired in post-revolution period.

News—Than Lwin Times


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