Loikaw, 1 July

The military council has cut off mobile phone and internet communications in many areas, including Loikaw city, in Kayah state, starting 27 June.

However, Mytel telecom  owned by the military remains in service.

U Banyar, the secretary of Interim Executive Council of Kayah state, said that the military suspended telecom services as they are preparing for more battles in urban areas.

“Locals said that they can use only Mytel telecom operator of the military, while other operators are out of services since 29 June. I think the military is mobilizing its troops, and they have expected that the resistance groups will carry out offensives to Loikaw city,” he said.

Local media reported that families of the military were moved to Nay Pyi Taw before communication blackout.

The military used tanks and armored vehicles in patrolling around Loikaw in early June and they are committing human rights violation to put the Kayah state under their control. Meanwhile, locals have closed their shops in fear of military’s attacks.

News—Than Lwin Times


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