Tanintharyi, July (4)

At least five clashes took place between regime forces and allied resistance forces in Tanintharyi Township, where martial law has been imposed, on July 2, the spokesperson of the Non-aligned Guerrilla Force told Than Lwin Times.

The confrontation lasted nearly all day when the military council’s Light Infantry Battalion 561, situated in Nyaung Pin Kwin, stormed Thakyet Taw village.

The fighting spread to the villages of Thakyat Taw, La Ngu and Taung Bein, resulting in five clashes and killing at least five junta soldiers.

The fighting between the two sides has forced hundreds of local residents to flee their homes in nearby villages, including Thakyat Taw, La Ngu and Taung Bein villages.

The battle had ceased by the morning of July 3, but the military situation remained intense, said the resistance fighters.

The invaded regime troops clashed with allied resistance forces, including Myaik Battalion 2 and Non-aligned Guerrilla Force.

In Tanintharyi, the junta army strengthens troops, and continues to carry out invasion and ration distribution.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo- Non-aligned Guerrilla Force

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