Demoso, 5 July

Military used jet fighters in airstrikes over Lopue IDP camp in western part of Demoso township, Karenni state, on early 4 July, injuring three civilians.

The attacks occurred around 2am, and destroyed the temporary shelters of IDP camps and school buildings.

U Banyar, the secretary of Interim Executive Council of Karenni state, said that the military has targeted civilians not to able to fight against them.

“The military is oppressing people. They are making attacks to stop social, economy, education and healthcare services in the areas where they lost control,” he added.

The Lopue IDP camp was set up in 2022, and it gives shelters for over 2,000 persons in seven quarters.

In late June, the military bombed over three villages in western part of Phruso township, and the schools near IDP camp were closed. A man also died In the airstrike over Wann Aung village in Phasaung township.

Independent organizations reported that  the military’s airstrikes have killed over 700 civilians after the coup, and the National Unity Government is also under strong criticism due to its failure to provide anti-aircraft weapons to the resistance forces.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo– CJ

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