Tanintharyi, July (11)

In the townships of Tanintharyi Region, 23 civilians were killed and more than 170 were detained in June alone, according to a report released by the research group FE5 Tanintharyi.

The junta army killed ten people, while the revolutionary groups killed six people accused of being military informants. It has remained unknown who killed the remaining seven people, according to the statement.

The military council detained at least 170 people in July and freed over 100 of them later, while the remaining citizens were still detained, interrogated, and prosecuted on major charges.

Among the dead are eight civilians from Palaw Township, three each from Kawthaung, Launglon, and Thayetchaung Townships, two each from Myeik and Tanintharyi Townships, and one each from the rest of the townships.

In June, there were two more people assassinated than in May, when 21 were killed.

There were 41 clashes in Tanintharyi last month, with the majority of them triggered when the allied revolutionary forces attacked the military council’s battalions and outposts.

According to FE5 Tanintharyi, more than 35,000 people have been displaced in Tanintharyi due to the fighting.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: The Tanintharyi Times

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