Thanbyuzayet, July (11)

The combined force of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), Special Operations Forces (S.O.F) and Cloud Wings drone group launched attacks on Taung Kalay Police Station in Thanbyuzayet Township in Mon State, Khale Takon Daing police station and electrical power substation in Kyainseikgyi Township in Karen State using claymore mines and drone-carrying bombs.

The resistance forces used 60-mm and 81-mm mortars to attack Khale Takon Daing and Taungkalay police stations on July 6.

Two policemen at Taung Kalay police station were killed and one was injured in the attack, said the statement.

Moreover, the attack on Khale Takon Daing police station and Kyainseikkyi power substation on July 7 by 60-mm mortar, 81-mm mortar and claymore mine killed one junta soldier and injured five others at Khale Takon Daing police station.

The junta forces fired with heavy weapons and small arms indiscriminately during and after the attacks of the joint force of KNLA, the commander of the S.O.F. said.

According to a statement of S.O.F., the Kyainseikgyi power substation does not supply electricity to the general populace; rather, the military council uses it to supply power to battalions, police stations, and the city’s CCTV and communication networks.

The revolutionary forces interrogated two substation employees, who were released since they were found to be innocent, and the revolutionary comrades were able to retreat safely, according to Special Operations Forces S.O.F.

News-Than Lwin Times


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