Laiza, July (11)

The junta army has launched a barrage of artillery shells into Laiza, where KIO headquarters is located since July 8, Colonel Naw Bu, the spokesperson for Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) told Than Lwin Times.

Since the morning of July 8, the military unit in Phon Pang Bom has been continuously firing heavy weapons at Nam San Yang village in Wai Maw Township, which is more than 11 miles away from Laiza.

Colonel Nor Bu said that the regime troops had been firing heavy weapons for three consecutive days, and there was an exchange of fire, but the sound of gunfire had not been heard near Laiza on the morning of July 10.

However, he added that the military situation in Nam San Yang village, where the battle took place, is yet to be known in detail and that junta shelling may intensify the situation.

The Kachin Independency Army (KIA) raided three militia camps, including the house of junta-aligned militia leader U Min Zin Thant in Sha Htoo Zut village in the area of KIA battalion 14 around 4 a.m. on July 8.

The Warazut militia group posted on its Telegram channel that “Five KIA fighters were killed, five rifles were confiscated, and two militia members sustained minor injuries.”.

Col. Now Bu clarified that the deaths of five KIA soldiers could not be confirmed, some of the images shared by the Warazut militia group were old photos that had been taken in 2021.

Meanwhile, the KIA and junta army continued to fight on the Myitkyina-Bamaw road in Mai Sat Par near Nam San Yan village in Waingmaw Township on July 8, reported local media outlets.

Colonel Naw Bu told the Than Lwin Times that the KIA ambushed the junta column that was coming from Dop Phon Yan, Moe Mauk Township to Nam San Yang and Mai Sat Par villages to provide reinforcements.

There has been fierce fighting between the two sides for 10 days since July 1 until yesterday, and the military tension remains high as the military council extended its military presence in Nam San Yang village near Laiza in the territory of KIA Brigade 5.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-CNDF (military drill in 2019)

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