Mawlamyine, July (13)

Dengue cases have surged in the Mon State under the military regime due to a lack of preventive measures, and hospitals are overloaded, some doctors told Than Lwin Times.

Over 600 cases of dengue fever were reported in the six months from January to June of this year, with two children killed in the Paung and Thanphyuzayet Townships.

More cases of the disease are reported in May and June, with mass infections among youngsters in some villages and neighborhoods.

Under the military regime, dengue fever became common due to a lack of awareness about covering, emptying, exchanging, and filtering water in the containers around our houses.

“Pediatric clinics are also overwhelmed with sick children.” “There aren’t enough doctors and nurses in the hospital, so they’re overloaded,” a doctor explained.

Dengue fever is most common during the rainy season and can be transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito that breeds in clean water.

Children between the ages of five and nine are the most affected by dengue fever, and the disease is severe, and if medical treatment is not done in time, doctors have concluded that there is a risk of death.

A doctor said that children are currently more at risk of developing dengue fever along with bronchiolitis.

He said that the bronchiolitis seen with dengue fever could be a new type of normal bronchiolitis or a new strain of COVID-19, but it is impossible to know for sure because there is no proper laboratory testing equipment.

The doctors warned that, if children become sick amid the rise in cases of dengue fever during the rainy season, they must be examined at the nearest hospital as soon as possible. If they do not receive proper medical attention, their condition may worsen and lead to death.

News-Than Lwin Times


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