Thousands flee junta shelling in Launglon


Launglon, July (16)

More than 3,000 people are forced to flee as the regime troops stationed on the mountain of Narkhan Taw village in Tanintharyi Region’s Launglon Township are firing heavy weapons into the villages, said locals.

The regime forces started launching artillery shells into the villages after being attacked by allied resistance forces in the afternoon of July 14.

The military council’s artillery fire forced about 3,000 residents of six villages, including Narkhan Taw, Khamaung Taung, Taung Min Pyaung, Mae Ohn Nauk, Heintwin, and Sakhan Gyi villages, to flee to safety.

On July 12, regime forces invaded Launglon and stationed themselves on the hill of Narkhan Taw.

A young woman, aged 16, from Khamaung Taung village was killed by junta shelling, and another man was injured.

Tension remains high between the warring rivals as junta troops have advanced towards into the villages in Launglon since early July.

According to local research organizations, more than 25,000 people fled their homes due to armed conflict and mortar shelling in Tanintharyi Region in June.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ


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