Ye, July (16)

The allied resistance forces bombed the 19th Military Operations Command (MOC-19) and some battalions based in Ye Township, Mon State, sources told Than Lwin Times.

On July 14, the revolutionary forces attacked Infantry Battalions 61 and Artillery Unit 316 on the Ye-Dawei highway, including MOC-19, with an unmanned aerial vehicle.

According to a Ye Air Force – Stealth Fighter official involved with the mission, this was the first bombing attack with an unmanned aircraft of the SF-Z.

This attack, he added, is one of the military objectives of the Southern Regional Command-3’s strategic plan.

This mission is said to be a joint operation of Mon and Tanintharyi-based joint revolutionary forces such as the Mon State Revolutionary Army (MSRF), YAF, YDF, Dawei District No. 2 Battalion (T-5), Dawna column, and ABSDF Battalion-1.

The allied revolutionary forces stated that the junta suffered losses in the bombing attack and that they are still investigating the ground situation.

Ye Township in Mon State, which has been placed under martial law, is a stronghold for revolutionary forces, and the military council’s battalions and camps are frequently targeted, therefore, security is tightened there.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo- Ye Air Force

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