Three residents killed, more than 5,000 people fleeing in Kyauktaga


Kyauktaga, July (23)

The junta soldiers who invaded the villages in Kyauktaga Township, Bago Region, killed three locals, and more than 5,000 people were forced to flee, reported Kyauktaga PDF on July 22.

On the night of July 18, the allied resistance forces launched an attack on the KTV, where members of the military council were stationed near milepost No. 101 of the old Yangon-Mandalay highway in Kyauktadga Township, killing four junta troops and injuring two others, and in July 19 attack, the military council lost eight troops, said the statement.

Meanwhile, On the morning of July 20, a battle broke out between the junta army and the revolutionary joint forces that invaded Nanza village, east of Kyauktaga, and at least 10 people on the junta side were killed and many were injured.

In the battle of Nanza village, the regime forces killed three local people, including an elderly person with mental illness, burned down seven houses, and the revolutionary forces lost one comrade.

A sniper from the resistance force killed three troops in Nanza village on July 21, and the junta’s military column included female soldiers. During the conflict, the junta army launched 60 mm mortar shells into the communities along the Sittaung River’s bank.

In addition, on July 22, the Kyauktagar PDF informed that a military column of nearly 60 junta soldiers arrived at Thahtaykon village in three vehicles and likely headed towards Taung Khin village.

The invasion of regime troops and human rights violations in Kyauktaga township forced more than 5,000 local residents in the villages of Nanza and Taung Khin villages to flee to safety, according to the PDF.

News – Than Lwin Times Photo: Social Media


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