Saw, 24 July

Military troops cut bodies of resistance members into pieces in a battle near Saw township, Magway region, on 15 July, according to local defence force to Than Lwin Times.

Three members of local defence force and two members of People Defence Force were killed during the battle in Yinkel village.

“This is an inhumane act of military. They waited to attack us if we went there to get the dead bodies back. But when we did not do so, they cut the bodies. It is a grave violation of human rights,” said a PDF member.

As at least 20 soldiers were killed in the fighting, the military set fire to Yinkel village and fired heavy weapons, killing a 12-year-old child.

Over 2,000 locals in nearby villages have fled from armed conflicts, and they are now in need of humanitarian assistance.

Seven members of PDF were killed in fighting against about 120 soldiers from Laungshe village to Saw township since 13 July.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo– CJ

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