Yangon, 24 July

 The Motion Picture Association under Myanmar military regime announced that  brief story and its episodes must be submitted to Video Censorship Board commencing 1 August before film series are shot.

The announcement on 21 July said that businesses and producers in TV industry will follow this rule.

“Earlier censorship is needed for only motion pictures. Now, this process is required for TV series. But short film and videos are still excluded,” said a source in motion picture industry, adding that production of TV series becomes a profitable business in Myanmar.

Story must be adjusted if the censorship board ordered to do so, and the TV series produced without prior approval will not be scrutinized to be allowed for broadcast.

Than Lwin Times could not contact U Aye Kyu Lay, the member of MPA, for this announcement.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—Military’s propaganda media

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