“  Car accident is the wrong reason. They were taken out and might have been killed outside the prison.”


The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners said on 19 July that additional six prisoners out of 37 lost inmates taken out from Kyaikzakaw prison in Deik-U township, Bago region, were killed. The AAPP has urged the United Nations, as well as international governments and international judiciary organizations, to take immediate actions against Myanmar military for their indiscriminate killing and atrocities.

 This interview with an official of AAPP is the indiscriminate killing of political prisoners, while the military said that the inmates were shot dead as they tried to flee during prison transfer.

TLT: What is the remark of AAPP on the indiscriminate killing of prisoners?

AAPP official: The military have been embarrassed by their losses, and that they indiscriminately killed political prisoners. They are suffering losses in various sectors. So, they are committing dreadful atrocities against civilians.

  TLT: The military council announced that the prisoners were killed in warning shots as they tried to escape during prison transfer. What do you think about this reason?

AAPP official: We have no idea how prisoners are being transferred. In the past, prison cars and trains were used for the prison transfer. Recently, passenger buses have been used. We don’t know how the inmates were transferred in recent incident. Car accident is the wrong reason. They were taken out and might have been killed outside the prison.

 TLT: How do the prisoners were taken outside and who were involved in such process?

AAPP official: Prisoners were taken outside with ankle bracelets surrounded by prison security officials and police. However, the inmates were taken out by soldiers in recent cases.

TLT: What is the response of AAPP to the indiscriminate killing of political prisoners?

AAPP: Justice must be done for sacrifices of the ones who were brutally tortured and killed. Those who directly involved in or ordered these crimes will have to bear responsibilities.


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