Loikaw, July (25)

In Kayah State, there has been an alarming surge in malaria cases among people fleeing the conflict into the jungles, aid workers told Than Lwin Times.

The number of displaced people fleeing the conflict has increased since the beginning of June, when fighting between the junta army and revolutionary forces intensified in Kayah State.

The displaced people have been living in the jungles for more than a week, and cases of malaria are occurring in clusters.

Malaria is more common among the refugees fleeing the renewed fighting, with five out of 10 people suffering from it. The displaced people who came from Mesae and Bawlakhe had lived in the forest, so they were infected with malaria”, said the aid workers.

More than 200,000 local residents have fled the fighting in Kayah State, and most of them are taking refuge in camps in the western part of Demoso Township.

More occurrences of seasonal flu and malaria are being reported among the displaced, and the impact of the disease is severe.

However, whenever relief workers purchased medicine for those escaping the fighting, they were inspected and even detained by the military council.

The military regime’s restrictions on the transportation of medicine and food have become a concern for the health of the people in Kayah State, the stronghold of resistance forces, according to the statements of aid workers.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Nway Oo Guru Lay Myar

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