Mawlamyine, July (29)

Fuel price in Mawlamyaine, the capital of Mon State, has climbed to about 2,400 Kyats per liter these days, the suppliers told Than Lwin Times.

The price of Octane 95 increased from 2,300 kyats per liter to 24,000 kyats per liter this week, and that of Octane 92 from 2,200 kyats to 2,300 kyats.

Furthermore, the price of premium diesel rose from 2,260 kyats to 2,400 kyats per liter, while that of normal diesel fuel jumped to 2,300 kyats per liter from 2,200 kyats.

The higher global fuel price has raised local market, a businessman said.

The price of crude oil, which was only around US$ 75 per barrel in the third week of July, rose to around US$ 80 on July 28.

Fuel experts consider that although the military council controls the price of fuel, it remains to be seen how long the public can endure the current inflation crisis.

According to the price set by the military council, the fuel in Yangon and Mandalay is priced at 2,200 kyats per liter, but in Kyaingtong, Shan State, the price is over 3,000 kyats per liter.

Following the military takeover, the military council took control of the whole fuel market and began selling fuel to gas stations through a quota system.

The price of fuel was only around 600 kyats per liter during the NLD government; however, since the coup, the price has more than quadrupled, with the fluctuation in prices.

News-Than Lwin Times


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