Ye, July (29)

The Ye Guerrilla Force (YGF), a revolutionary force stationed in Ye Township, Mon State, had its frontline support and communication office raided, according to the YGF statement released on July 27.

According to the statement, an unknown armed force stormed the camp on the morning of July 22, and confiscated an estimated value of 200 million kyats worth of weapons and ammunition.

A comrade from the guerrilla force was injured in the thigh and hand, and had to retreat from the camp during the raid.

Following the raid, 11 weapons, ammunition, and some military equipment were lost, said the YGF.

Lieutenant Kyan Yit, a spokesman for the Ye Guerilla Force (YGF) was not immediately available for comment regarding the raid until now.

Following the military coup, the YGF collaborated with revolutionary group like as the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) to fight against the military council.

News-Than Lwin Times


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