Bilin river water exceeds peak level


Bilin, 4 August

Bilin river, in Mon state, burst its banks, and its water exceeded peak level, according to the statement of Meteorology and Hydrology Department (DMH)  of the military regime on the observation at 7:30 am on 2 August.

Locals near river and low-land areas  have been warned to be vigilant as the river flood is forecast to exceed more than 1-ft above the peak level in 24 hours.

Civil society organizations have announced the needs of emergency relief aid as heavy rain has caused flood in some villages in Bilin township on 2 August.

The DMH has also reported about possible torrential downpour in some regions and state of the country, as well as strong winds in coastal area.

Kyaikhto, Bilin, Paung, Mudon, Thanbyuzayet and Ye townships were inundated due to daily heavy rainfalls started in 28 July, and locals were evacuated to safe places.

Four persons, including children, died in flood in the third week of July, and thousands of people were evacuated.

News—Than Lwin Times



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