Nay Pyi Taw, 4 August

The military council, which is engaged in ground battles with armed resistance forces, has secretly directed regiments and troops around the country to carry out military preparation and morale-boosting plans for defense strategy.

According to sources close to the military, the 10-point secret directive for regiments and troops to follow was released at a meeting of top military officers held in the last week of July.

The directives required all battalion units to build secret towers to protect against drone attacks, dig communication ditches around military headquarters for security, and place landmines, stake mines, and remote mines within six feet of military fences.

Soldiers, policemen, and all dependents of the rear detachments are required to carry out mock drills to ensure that they strictly follow security instructions, treat their troops like their own family, and protect them, and the battalion commanders need to lead the discussions on family affairs.

Ko Zeyar Lwin, a representative of the 96 Soldiers PDF stationed in upper Myanmar, believes that the military has prioritized defense preparations to ensure that their camps do not suffer losses.

The military council stated that during the state of emergency, military families should not watch news or video clips that have nothing to do with them, and that the chiefs ought to check that matter.

According to the CDM captains, the military council imposed such harsh discipline on the troops because they were worried that the soldiers’ family members would change their minds after witnessing the soldiers’ fatalities, captures, and abandonment of the frontline camps during the fight.

Furthermore, the military council calls on commanders, soldiers, and dependents to keep fighting the enemy as a united army, and to remain steadfast regardless of hardships.

CDM Capt. Kaung Thu Win told Than Lwin Times that the military council had made preparations in anticipation that the battalions would be attacked. He added that the military council was very afraid of the disintegration of the army and the loss of strength.

Currently, the military council has extended the state of emergency for another six months, and some battalions and security offices are facing attacks by the allied revolutionary forces.

On the other hand, the military council is sending reinforcements and supplies to areas of military tension, and the junta forces are also being ambushed by local defense forces and ethnic armed groups.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media

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